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The Precision Medicine Challenge

Genetic diagnostics, a corner stone of what is called Precision Medicine today, works in two steps:
(1) Determine how the genome of an individual patient differs from the standard genome.
(2) Identify one or several variations that cause the condition of the patient or influence on future treatments.
Step 1 is well understood. It is automated and can easily be scaled. Costs have plunged. Step 2 requires high-quality data of thousands of other individuals that have the same variants or the same health issues.
There are hundreds of millions of potential variants. Answers can only be given in terms of probability, but get better the more reference data is available. It is crucial that reference data contains both geno¬typic information and clinical information. This data does not exist today. The lack of data makes Step 2 very difficult. It requires manual interaction and expert knowledge. Available data is inconsistent, incomplete, old and not maintained or updated.
Step 2 is not scalable to date. 75% of cases remain unsolved.

The Genetic Diagnostics Market

Patients and physicians have growing demand for genetic diagnostics despite of low diagnostic yield. Testing volume is growing at such accelerated pace that testing laboratories urgently need to scale their operations. Worldwide more than 80m tests are performed every year. The global market will grow to be 16b USD in 2020 at a CAGR of more than 10%. Varying quality of genetic test results threatens patient health and safety. Regulatory bodies prepare to enforce much tighter control.

Our software platform VARVIS allows to quickly assess genetic test results and to systematically collect all important data in one compre¬hensive database. VARVIS enables genetic testing labs to scale their operations, enhance the quality of their services, mini¬mize liability risks and be compliant with tight regulation.
ALLEXES is our communication network for genetic reference data. We leverage the data collected at single laboratories and combine the data to reach critical mass that makes a difference in diagnostics. Every single patient processed in one of our partner laboratories enhances the diagnosis of all other patients in our network – immediately. ALLEXES is fast and fully automated, scales easily and protects both patient data as well as business data of our partners.
Our potential competitors are still distracted with research appli¬cations. We focus on clinical diagnostics alone and we commit to making a significant contribution to patient health without compromise. VARVIS is a clinical decision support system and clearly differentiated from most other solutions in the market as an approved Class I medical device (CE). International patent applications covering the ALLEXES network are pending.
VARVIS and ALLEXES enhance patient care this very moment. Paying customers are using VARVIS in routine diagnostics and exchange data through ALLEXES.

Team & Company

The Limbus Team: Dr. Stefan Leye, Dr. Ben Liesfeld (CEO), Dr. Roland Ewald
The Limbus Team: Dr. Stefan Leye, Dr. Ben Liesfeld (CEO), Dr. Roland Ewald

Limbus Medical Technologies was founded in 2015 by Roland Ewald, Stefan Leye and Ben Liesfeld and is located in Rostock, Germany. The team has a combined expertise of more than 30 years in software development, life sciences and medtec. Details about our products and contact information can be found on our website:

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